RSA Conference: Benchmarks for AI Implementation and Recent Cyber Cases

| May.06.2024 - May.07.2024

Moscone Center

Behnam Dayanim and Aravind Swaminathan will be co-leading sessions at RSA Conference, a global conference that brings cybersecurity professionals together to discuss critical cybersecurity issues and emerging threats.

Orrick’s Panels

AI: Law, Policy, and Common Sense Suggestions to Stay Out of Trouble |  May 6, 2024  |  9:40am EST
AI is here, and in many areas the law lags the technology. Behnam Dayanim is leading a session on the intersection of AI and security that explores the ethical, legal, and policy considerations as business develop new use-cases for AI. Attendees will learn how governance structures and benchmarks can be used to maximize successful implementation of AI while minimizing the potential risks.

Avoiding Legal Landmines: A Review of Recent Cyber Cases  |  May 7, 2024  |  4:15pm EST
Aravind Swaminathan, MITRE’s Chief Legal Officer, and a Cybersecurity Policy and Compliance Analyst from Booz, Allen Hamilton will lead a fast-paced interactive session on the leading cyber court cases from the past year. The session will identify the most important legal developments and their impact on firms and cyber professionals. Attendees will learn practical steps they can take now to minimize loss or liability in the future.