ChIPs Honor Roll | DEIB Webinar Series

| May.17.2023 | 11am - 12pm (Pacific Daylight Time)

Virtual Webinar

Join ChIPs and partner Sheryl Garko to gain insights from the law firms that are leading the way on DEIB. This webinar will discuss the efforts Orrick has taken to expand diversity, equity and inclusion. Among other topics, Sheryl will discuss pay equity, firm culture, and metrics used to measure impact and outcomes.

About the Webinar Series:

ChIPs Honor Roll Webinar Series highlights firms leading the way in DEIB. ChIPs Honor Roll is a joint initiative between ChIPs and Diversity Lab. Selections are based on findings from Diversity Lab’s Inclusion Blueprint, which provides diversity benchmarks of historically underrepresented groups (female lawyers, underrepresented racial/ethnic lawyers, LGBTQ+ lawyers, and lawyers with disabilities) in law firm leadership and across practice groups, including IP. The Inclusion Blueprint also includes inclusion efforts for law firms to adopt to ensure their lawyers have fair and equal access to compensation, leadership roles, and other critical career-enhancing opportunities. The Inclusion Blueprint is conducted annually and is open to large law firms by invitation.