Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) Education Conference

Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA)

Speaking Engagement | October.26.2021

Virtual Conference

Partners Doug Meal and Seth Harrington led a panel at the Retail Industry Leaders Association Education Conference on litigation strategy best practices for fighting back against credit card company claims following cyber attacks.

Education: Beating The Credit Cards At Their Own Game
As if the harm caused by a cyber attack isn’t significant enough, credit card companies invariably add insult to injury by utilizing an arcane process to impose tens of millions of dollars of fines on companies that have been breached. Challenging these fines is notoriously difficult but one retailer recently succeeded with a groundbreaking win. Learn from the team who achieved this victory about the strategy and the decision so that you can be prepared to fight back if/when your company is breached.

  • Doug Meal, Partner, Orrick
  • Seth Harrington, Partner, Orrick
  • John Henrich, General Counsel, Sally Beauty Holdings, Inc.