Cyber & Privacy Risks in Your Supply Chain: How to Identify, Triage, and Mitigate Them


Webinar | June.29.2021 | 1pm - 2pm (British Summer Time (GMT +01:00))

Webinar - Recording Available

Recent high profile cybersecurity and privacy breaches have highlighted the importance of understanding privacy and cybersecurity compliance at each stage of the data lifecycle from collection to secure storage, proper use (including sharing and analysis), and ultimately deletion. As companies continue to gather and process data from multiple sources in various geographies the complexity of the data supply chain increases. The challenge is how to assess and manage that risk without making it impossible to collect new data, share existing data or to provide seamless services to customers and users.

We will be joined by Lara Clark (General Counsel and Chief Regulation Officer) and Mark Mamone (Chief Intelligence Officer) at GB Group plc and one of GBG’s own customers/suppliers to discuss how to address privacy and cyber security in the data lifecycle in a way that balances innovation, compliance and a great customer/user experience.