Privacy + Security Forum Spring Academy

Privacy Security Academy

Speaking Engagement | May.25.2021

Online Webinar

Heather Sussman and Shannon Yavorsky led two individual panels during the Privacy + Security Forum Spring Academy hosted by the Privacy Security Academy.

Shannon Yavorsky led the “Schrems II – Data Localization is not sufficient!” panel. Fellow Orrick partner, Christian Schröder, and legal and privacy risk-focused speaker from Workday joined Shannon in discussing that for companies providing ‘follow-the-sun’ services requiring different groups throughout the world (including the EU) to have access to a single database, data localization is not sufficient for compliance with Schrems II. This session focused on the practical steps companies providing these services could take to minimize the risks associated with cross border data transfers in a Schrems II environment.

Heather Sussman led the “Anatomy of a Ransomware Attack” panel and together with her fellow panelists they walked the participants through a real-word ransomware attack through the lens of: the counsel you call when in panic mode, the forensic firm brought in to triage the situation, the negotiator communicating with the threat actor, the insurance claims adjuster who is evaluating all expenses, and the coverage counsel you hire to maximize insurance coverage of the incident. All with an eye toward mitigating legal risk, maximizing insurance coverage and getting the business back online.