What to Expect in a Biden Administration

Webinar | November.18.2020 | 3pm - 4pm (Central Standard Time)

Much of the nation's political dialogue remains focused on the 2020 elections, but companies — particularly those offering or producing consumer financial services — must focus on what lies ahead: an uncertain transition process and what is shaping up to be a vastly different approach to regulation, supervision, and enforcement in 2021.

Join Orrick attorneys Marshall Bell and Jeff Naimon for a discussion of what is coming — and how to get ready — as we kick off our "Foresight 20/21" webcast series.

Our nationally recognized attorneys draw upon decades of experience in navigating regulatory change to share insights on potential new leadership at federal agencies, and how shifting supervision and enforcement priorities might affect issues such as fair lending, privacy, federal preemption, and UDAAP. 

About the series | Foresight 20/21: What to Expect in a Biden Administration

Future webcasts in this series will follow ongoing developments and explore what a new administration could mean for:

  • Anti-money-laundering/Sanctions
  • Consumer arbitration
  • Examination best practices
  • Fair lending
  • Privacy
  • Non-U.S. domiciled companies
  • White collar criminal defense