2020 P3 Airport Summit

Speaking Engagement | September.23.2020 - September.25.2020 | 12pm - 5pm (Eastern Daylight Time)

Virtual Conference

Three Orrick Energy and Infrastructure lawyers to speak at the upcoming 2020 P3 Airport Summit.

Young Lee, partner, joins the panel discussion “Why Do a P3?: Identifying the Value Propositions and Building the Business Case for a P3” on Thursday, September 24. The discussion will include elements that must be considered as the public builds out the business case for a public-private partnership (P3) and how to effectively communicate the business case to the community at large.

Matthew Neuringer, senior associate, will present on “How Do I Design a P3? - Best Practices in Deal Structuring” on Thursday, September 24. The discussion will cover basic and best practices for P3 deal structuring and contract management for long-term success of a P3 project.

Victoria Boyne, senior associate, will present on “How to Work with Your Advisors to Achieve Your Project Deliverables” on Friday, September 25. The discussion will walk through the development of a P3 project from the public sector point of view.

The P3 Airport Summit is the P3 industry's premier gathering for airport infrastructure developers, investors, financiers, state and federal public officials and regional transportation authorities. As some airports face challenges in finding ways to enhance their capacity to fund and construct major expansion or even maintain needed infrastructure, many are looking to P3s as an opportunity to facilitate growth. The 2020 Summit will focus on current market challenges, procurement and project development for airport owners, operators, airlines and industry partners.