Can Innovative Financial Products Help Families Manage Increasingly Volatile Incomes?

The Aspen Institute EPIC / The Aspen Institute Financial Security Program

Seminar | May.03.2017 | 4pm - 7pm (Eastern Daylight Time)

Orrick Washington, D.C.

Orrick will be hosting The Aspen Institute’s upcoming EPIC seminar on how innovative new financial products can help families address the growing challenge of income volatility. The event will be held in our Washington D.C. offices.

The discussion, moderated by Ida Rademacher of the Aspen Institute and featuring panelists Fiona Grieg of the JP Morgan Chase Institute, Jotaka Eaddy of Lend Up, Tim Flacke of Commonwealth and Howard Altarescu, Partner and leader of Orrick’s Finance Sector, will highlight innovative new financial products designed to help the nearly half of U.S. households that struggle with income volatility and financial instability as well as emerging opportunities for further innovation.

The event will feature several promising developments, including innovative payroll services, new short-term savings tools, and hybrid financial products. The panelists will engage in a moderated discussion of these emerging products, address the challenges and opportunities for innovators, and address the role of stakeholders including employers and regulators.