So You Want to Be a General Counsel?

Rita Wallace, Enveritas; Sharon Zezima, Julie Henderson, University of California
Moderator Erin Connell introduces the panel
Julie Hwang, Prosper Funding
Mark Chandler, Natasha Cupp and Erin Connell
Nicole Lipman and Sharon Zezima
The GC Panel: Nicole Lipman, Major Lindsey & Africa; Erin Connell, Orrick (moderator); Mark Chandler, Cisco Systems, Sharon Zezima, Go Pro; and Natasha Cupp, LadderLife
SF alum Sirena Roberts, Williams-Sonoma, meets up Jeannie Shin and Erin Connell
Post panel discussion
Johanna Jacob, Nitin Gambhir and Judy Kwan