Environmental Shareholder Proposals Increasingly Moving Beyond Climate Change

4 minute read | Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance

Shareholder proposals seeking supplemental disclosure reports about a range of environmental impact matters increased in the first half of 2022 across the Fortune 250.

While most of these proposals were related to climate change governance and disclosures – there were a growing number of proposals focused on other environmental topics, such as requests for detailed reports on single use plastic and packaging materials (53%), along with deforestation prevention (6%), pesticide use (6%), water management (6%), financing of fossil fuel supplies (6%), and similar environmental impact expenditures (23%).

Learn more about this trend and its potential impact on companies with a business and/or supply chain materially impacted by plastics, packaging materials, pesticides or similar items in this new article by Orrick partner J.T. Ho, published by the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance.