Arbitrage Rebate: Navigating Compliance and Maximizing Retained Earnings Webinar

Webinar | February.29.2024 | 2pm - 3pm (Central Standard Time)

After years of low investment returns, positive arbitrage is once again in the spotlight. For issuers, borrowers and financial professionals, it is crucial to refresh our understanding of the arbitrage rebate rules and regulations to safeguard the tax-exempt status of municipal bonds. The ability to navigate the delicate balance between retaining positive arbitrage and complying with federal tax law can translate into real dollars in the current interest rate environment.

Speakers include:

  • Barbara League – Partner, Orrick
  • Jenna Magan – Partner, Orrick
  • Sandra Stallings – COO & Managing Director, BLX
  • Alan Bond – Managing Director, BLX

Topics include:

  • Pre-issuance considerations: Setting the stage for successful bond compliance.
  • Arbitrage challenges: Addressing nuances of calculating and managing arbitrage rebate.
  • Arbitrage opportunities: Strategies for keeping positive arbitrage. Recent case studies: Real-world examples illuminating key principles and best practices.
  • IRS update: Stay informed on the latest developments and regulatory updates.

Please find a copy of the presentation here and a FAQ sheet answering the questions asked during the presentation here.

Watch the webinar recording here.