INFOCAST Masterclass: Revolutionizing Corporate Renewable Energy Procurement: Transactions and Trends Shaping the Energy Transition

| August.16.2022 - August.17.2022

Webinar (Not Orrick Hosted)

In recent years, corporate America has made procuring clean and renewable energy a key part of its sustainability strategy, with numerous Fortune 500 corporations publicly announcing ambitious carbon reduction goals. Purchasing power via Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (“Corporate PPAs”) with renewable projects can provide corporates with green power, additionality, and much greater control over their future power costs. However, entering into Corporate PPAs presents significant challenges for both sellers and buyers. This course has been designed by the industry’s top market participants to bring attendees 100% up-to-speed on the latest developments in corporate renewable energy procurement, as well as providing detailed explanations and examples of the solutions being utilized in today’s advanced Corporate PPA deals.