Evolving Law on Vertical Restraints, "Exclusionary Contracts" and Resale Price Maintenance

PLI Developments in Antitrust Law & Regulation 2022

Speaking Engagement | May.11.2022 | 3:45pm - 5:00pm (Eastern Daylight Time)

PLI New York

Antitrust & Competition partner Craig Falls will be presenting on the "Evolving Law on Vertical Restraints, ‘Exclusionary Contracts’ and Resale Price Maintenance,” at the 2022 Developments in Antitrust Law & Regulation program hosted by Practising Law Institute. Craig will discuss how companies should manage antitrust risk when dealing with suppliers and customers, which is an area of antitrust law much more nuanced and prone to blind spots than dealings with one’s competitors. Craig will identify the key pitfalls to avoid, explain how antitrust policy is evolving in this area, and help companies prepare for future scrutiny, including in the hot-topic areas of e-commerce and business ecosystems.

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