USEA CONSENSUS Program Briefing Webinar

Webinar | May.20.2021 | 12:00pm - 1:30pm (Eastern Daylight Time)

Online Webinar

The Developing Hydrogen Economy – Potential, Progress and Challenges

Will Hydrogen power the future? Hydrogen is expected to play a significant role in the transformation and decarbonization of the global energy mix in response to increased interest from governments, businesses and investors in leveraging the energy source. Anticipated declines in hydrogen production costs, implementation of national hydrogen strategies and favorable government regulations are expected to accelerate investment in the resource.

This webinar brings together industry leaders to discuss the state of hydrogen as a fuel for industry, heavy transport, power generation and more. Orrick Partner Peter Connors will co-moderate the panel discussion with USEA Program Director Michael Moore. The webinar will cover sectors ideally suited for a transition to hydrogen, where progress is currently being made and challenges the industry will need to overcome to supplant its conventional counterparts and scale-up hydrogen production and deployment.


  • Sonal Patel, Senior Associate Editor – Power Magazine
  • Mark Ruth, Manager of Industrial Systems and Fuels, Strategic Energy Analysis Center – National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
  • Robert Slowinski, Managing Consultant – Guidehouse
  • Ryan Harty, Division Head, CASE & Energy Business Development – American Honda Motor Co.
  • Bob Wimmer, Director, Energy and Environmental Research Group – Toyota Motor North America

Panel Discussion Topics

  • Hydrogen Overview: “The colors of hydrogen,” decarbonization and progress/targets in states, most likely hydrogen markets/uses, industrial clusters, challenges, infrastructure required.
  • Applications and Generation: Potential for hydrogen applications and generation, ability of hydrogen to support the electric grid.
  • Hydrogen in Transport: The current/future state of hydrogen in the transportation sector, including materials handling, personal transport, heavy trucking and public transit.
  • Hydrogen for Power Generation: Hydrogen power costs, hydrogen’s potential role in power sector decarbonization, a global power perspective.
  • Tax Incentives: The potential for tax incentives for hydrogen under the Biden Infrastructure Plan.