How to Stay off of the Data Breach Chopping Block

Past Event - Video Available | August.19.2015 | 11am - 1pm (Pacific Standard Time)


Orrick partner Aravind Swaminathan, co-chair of the Cybersecurity & Data Privacy team, will speak on "How to Stay off of the Data Breach Chopping Block." This webinar will focus on key operational protocols privacy and security teams can implement to create an effective incident management system. Attend this webinar to learn risk-based strategies that will help ditch the organization’s “scapegoat” label so you can avoid being the next one with your job on the line.

Learn How To:

  • Identify current threats facing organizations and how to use that knowledge to reduce enterprise risk.
  • Identify your biggest weaknesses so you can tackle them now before a breach exposes them to the world.
  • Determine the value of your organizational data to justify investments in protecting and shifting the risk.
  • Shift from compliance-based tactics to risk-based strategies to effectively manage organizational risks and meet compliance obligations.
  • Utilize internal and external counsel to minimize the liabilities before and after a breach event has struck.

To replay this Webinar and download the slides click here.