Lily Becker


San Francisco


Lily is a strategic advisor and advocate known for practical advice to balance risk and business objectives. She partners with clients to identify and mitigate risks that can hinder a company’s trajectory. Lily brings experience in government enforcement, corporate investigations, monitoring, and international business reviews to bear in both managing crises and avoiding them.

Lily develops business-driven internal controls to mitigate risk and handles complex situations when the risks materialize. She helps clients evaluate how the law is developing to regulate them and collaborates across disciplines. Lily brings a hands-on approach and dives into understanding the processes and systems that support compliance policies and objectives.

When a crisis arises, Lily brings her multifaceted legal and political experience to develop a measured response and defense plan. Boards and companies turn to Lily for strategic advice and zealous representation when sensitive ethics, criminal, or regulatory problems emerge. She has helped companies navigate complex crises involving civil litigation, criminal and regulatory enforcement, congressional scrutiny.

With an increasing government focus on independent monitorships, companies benefit from her deep experience in government-imposed and voluntary monitorships. She served on the Monitor Team for three SEC and DOJ FCPA Monitorships/Consultancies. She has also advised companies responding to Monitorships – both a DOJ and SEC Monitorship and a proactive, voluntary Monitorship to test critical controls.

Lily has Investigated allegations of misconduct and tested controls for US-based companies in 16 countries.

These varied engagements give her insight into the internal and public ramifications of a crisis, which she brings to her proactive ethics and compliance. Her thorough understanding of data and financial controls systems helps companies operationalize controls that work.

Before joining Orrick, Lily worked on multiple political campaigns, including acting as spokesperson in connection with a U.S. Senate campaign.