Ultrafast 3D Printing: Orrick Advises Nexa3D on its Acquisition of Essentium

2 minute read | February.09.2024

A cross-practice, cross-country Orrick team represented Nexa3D, the ultrafast 3D printing leader, on its acquisition of Essentium.


Nexa3D has rapidly emerged as an industry leader in industrial 3D printing, offering revolutionary production solutions to businesses across various sectors. Renowned for its ultrafast 3D printers, which span from desktop to factory floor sizes, Nexa3D’s cutting-edge technology has redefined the possibilities of 3D printing production, enabling unparalleled productivity, accuracy, and material versatility.

Essentium, known for its wide materials portfolio, award-winning high-speed extrusion 3D printers, and true independent dual extruders (IDEX), has established itself in the industry by providing solutions for complex polymer production applications that are up to 15 times faster than competing extrusion technologies. The company’s commitment to High-Speed Extrusion precision, ruggedness and reliability has made it the preferred choice for manufacturers and government users globally.


The combination of Nexa3D and Essentium is poised to unlock new possibilities, offering industrial customers the tools needed to scale production and explore unprecedented manufacturing opportunities at scale. Nexa3D’s extensive market reach, with over 130 worldwide resellers, combined with Essentium’s HSE technology, positions the merged entity as a transformative force in the industrial 3D printing landscape.

“We are honored and thrilled to welcome the talented Essentium team to Nexa3D,” said Avi Reichental, Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of Nexa3D. “This acquisition is more than a strategic move; it’s a testament to our shared vision to drive innovation and deliver solutions that redefine the production capabilities of 3D printing.”


The Orrick team that advised Nexa3D included Aria Kashefi, Ramy Shweiky, Kyle Zhu, Anika Nayyar, Russell Hoffman, Andrew Kang, Sky Stallbaumer, SeoJung Park, Juliano Banuelos, Keith Tidwell, Heather Cron, Sharon Zhou, Sarah Schaedler, Danny Healow, Taylor Ranfos, Kristin Cornuelle, Shannon Yavorsky, Matthew Coleman, Harry Clark, Jeanine McGuinness, Jacob Galdysz, Christina Bouchot, Alexandra Kleemann, Marvin Aideyan, Zachary Finley, Dolph Hellman, Laura Metzger, J. T. Ho, Bill Hughes, Anna Aryankalayil, Kristin Petersen, Erica Kaiser, Robert Moore, Joseph Sekigahama, Melissa Hall, Meghan Garland-Hack, Alexis Smith, Connor Stewart, Amanda Brooks and Debbie Abernathy. 


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