On Behalf of Fujifilm, Orrick Wins Eight IPRs Against Papst Licensing


On behalf of Fujifilm, Orrick won all eight IPRs filed against Papst Licensing. As part of ongoing litigation with Papst, our client joined forces with digital camera and mobile phone manufacturers to attack the validity of two patents asserted against USB functionality. We took the lead on two of the eight IPRs, and were heavily involved in the other six. The PTAB ruled all instituted claims unpatentable. Moreover, since all the claims asserted against Fujifilm were ruled unpatentable on four separate, independent grounds, we have made significant headway towards defeating Papst in the remaining litigation. The IPR litigation was lead by Vann Pearce, and Steve Routh leads the overall litigation. The case is Fujifilm Corp. v. Papst Licensing GmbH & Co. KG.

With these victories, Orrick has successfully invalidated claims in 81% of our petitioner-side IPRs that went to a decision. On the patent owner side, the firm has successfully preserved claims in 68% of such IPRs that went to a decision.