Orrick Clients Anderson Perforating and Tong Petrotech Gain Defense Win in Patent Infringement Trial


Orrick played a key role in securing a complete defense verdict today in a patent infringement trial in the Eastern District of Texas against DynaEnergetics and our clients, Anderson Perforating Services, LLC and Tong Petrotech, Inc.

After a four-day trial, a jury rejected claims that DynaEnergetics, Anderson and Tong Petrotech infringed GeoDynamics’ patents on methods of perforating downhole oil and gas wells using reactive shape charges. GeoDynamics filed the lawsuit against the three companies in 2015.

Orrick partner Jeffrey Johnson represented Anderson and Tong Petrotech, working closely with lead counsel for DynaEnergetics from Womble, Carlyle.

“I was proud to stand beside DynaEnergetics in this matter and we are thrilled that the jury made the right decision,” Justin Anderson, President of Anderson Perforating, said in a statement.