Diana Szego Fassbender Hosts NAWLTalks Podcasts on Cultivating Wellbeing for Lawyers


Diana Szego Fassbender hosted two conversations for the National Association of Women Lawyers on building more sustainable and rewarding legal careers.

In the first NAWLTalks podcast, Diana interviewed legal mindfulness coach Jeena Cho, host of the Resilient Lawyer Podcast and author of The Anxious Lawyer - An 8 Week Guide to a Joyful and Satisfying Law Practice, who discussed the benefits to lawyers from embracing mindfulness and meditation and creating a culture of wellbeing within law firms and the legal profession.

Listen to the full conversation: Meditation and Mindfulness: A More Rewarding Practice of Law

In the second podcast, Diana spoke with Nora Riva Bergman and Chelsy Castro, co-authors of the book 50 Lessons For Happy Lawyers. In their book, Bergman and Castro outlined actionable, research-backed changes lawyers can implement in their daily lives to cultivate happiness, boost their wellness, and build resilience.

Listen to the full conversation: 50 Lessons for Happy Lawyers