10 Key Questions and Answers About SPACs


Orrick's Hari Raman and Albert Vanderlaan co-authored an article in Forbes with Orrick alum Richard Harroch, Managing Director and Global Head of M&A at VantagePoint Capital Partners.

SPACs, or “special purpose acquisition companies,” are continually in the business news these days, with $50+ billion having been raised by SPACs this year alone. In fact, SPACs are estimated to become 50% of the IPO market this year. The increasing popularity of SPACs and the flexibility they provide to companies wishing to go public has led to the formation of a number of high-profile SPACs.

SPACs provide the opportunity for private companies to go public in a manner different than traditional IPOs. SPACs also provide for significant incentives for their sponsors.

In this article, we answer 10 key questions about SPACs.