Top 5 Pitfalls in Token Valuation and Distribution

Webinar | April.30.2024 | 12pm - 1pm (Pacific Daylight Time)


Join Orrick, Toku and Teknos for a webinar discussing tips, tricks and common pitfalls of token launches and issuances.

This discussion will cover valuation/tax, securities law/regulatory and economics/compensation considerations for a successful token launch.

Topics include:

  • Critical points when token valuation is needed 
  • Token valuation's impact on incentive token compensation 
  • Key filings to avoid penalties and minimize tax cost 
  • Tokenomics impact on token valuation 
  • Impact of foreign rules on token valuation, launch, and tax compliance

Orrick's Joseph Perkins and Andrew Wallach will be joined by Neil Thakur, Managing Director and Co-Founder at Teknos Associates, and Michael Carter, Chairman and Benjamin Snipes, Head of Legal at Toku.

For more information, please reach out to Amy Huang.

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