Infocast Hydrogen Hubs: Building A Financeable Value Chain

Conference | August.28.2023 - August.30.2023 | 8:20am - 12:15pm (Central Standard Time)

Hilton Houston Post Oak by the Galleria

Orrick is proud to sponsor Infocast’s 2023 Hydrogen Hubs Summit: Building A Financeable Value Chain. Patrick Ferguson will be moderating a panel discussion on Monday, August 28, focused on “REC Markets, Carbon Credit Regimes, and the Development of Tradeable Products for Hydrogen Projects.” Panelists include Benjamin L. Gerber, President & Chief Executive Officer of M-RETS; Anna Menke, Senior Hydrogen Hubs Manager of Clean Air Task Force; and Sharon Paterson, Senior Advisor, Americas for

Blake Winburne will be moderating a panel discussion on Tuesday, August 29, focused on “Energy Source Perspectives: Advantages of Basing Hydrogen Hub Production on CCS vs Carbon-free Generation.” Panelists include Uuganbayar (Ugi) Otgonbaatar, Director of R&D, Grants and Partnerships for Constellation Energy; Keith Pronske, President & CEO of Clean Energy Systems; Finbar Sheehy, Senior Director of Innovation & Technology for Avantus; and Jason Wasserman, Executive Director of Green Hydrogen for NextEra Clean Energy.

Infocast’s Hydrogen Hubs Summit brings together policymakers with today’s leading hub development teams, technology providers and potential hydrogen offtakers to explore procurements and development opportunities as hydrogen hub projects move from the drawing board to reality.