Protecting Artificial Intelligence Under Copyright Law: Protectability, Authorship, Registration

| July.11.2023 | 1:00pm - 2:30pm (Central Standard Time)


Annette Hurst will be co-leading a panel hosted by Strafford and examining the issues that arise in copyright protection of AI and AI-created works, including protectability, authorship, and registration. She will discuss the state of the law as to copyright protection of these works and how to overcome the challenges and anticipate and minimize the risks of rejection when trying to register such works. The panel will also review these critical issues:

  • What hurdles confront counsel when demonstrating authorship of AI and AI-generated works?
  • What steps can counsel take to minimize the risk of rejection when seeking copyright protection?
  • How does copyright apply to AI-generated works? How does it differ across different jurisdictions?

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