Total Access Japan - The Future of NFTs: Content Creation and Fractionalization

Webinar | August.09.2022 | 9:00am - 10:15am (Tokyo Standard Time)

日本語:Total Access Japan - NFTの未来:コンテンツの創造と細分化

The phrase “non-fungible token” (NFTs) is one that we hear a lot these days, but for those who are not involved in cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin or Ethereum), it may not be quite clear what NFTs are.

NFTs took the world by storm in 2021, in part because of a number of features enabled by blockchain technology making tokens (often times images): tamper and copy proof, and easily transferred with an automatic ledger of transactions so that ownership can be verified. In the content industry, NFTs are said to have the potential to revolutionize the distribution of content rights, which has great implications for Japan, a content powerhouse. In addition, the Japan Crypto Assets Business Association has recently released revised guidelines for NFT-related businesses, which legally clarify copyrights and gambling law issues.

In this webinar, we have invited speakers from Anique Inc., which recently launched "Attack on Titan: Legacy," a platform for NFTs of the "Attack on Titan" anime, and The Fractional Token Company, a U.S. technology company that makes it possible to fractionalize the ownership of NFTs, to discuss the world of NFTs and its marketplace, taking into account the legal perspectives of Japan and the U.S.


  • Introduction of Anique Inc. and the NFT platform
  • Introduction of The Fractional Token Company and the fractional platform
  • Panel Discussion:
    • How can content creators take advantage of the growing NFT marketplace? What is the process for a content creator (whether large corporation or individual artist) to generate and sell NFTs?
    • What does it mean to “Fractionalize” an NFT and how does this process relate to the broader NFT market?
    • What are the challenges for the NFT industry? Where are NFTs going in the future?

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Date & Time: Tuesday, August 9 from 9:00 am – 10:15 am (Japan Time)
Jeremy Lin, Director, Anique Inc.
Fei Yue, AML/KYC Compliance Officer, Anique Inc.
Shant Marootian, Chief Operating Officer,
The Fractional Token Company
Adam Sternbach, General Counsel, The Fractional Token Company
Joseph Perkins, Partner, Orrick Silicon Valley Office

Hiroki Sugita, Partner, Orrick Tokyo Office
Language: English (no simultaneous interpretation) *webinar may contain some explanations in Japanese
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