COVID-19 Liability for Long-Term Care and Senior Care

Webinar | August.18.2020 | 8:15am - 5:30pm (Eastern Daylight Time)

Online Webinar

Please join Orrick Partner Amy Walsh and a panel of experts in long-term and senior care at ACI’s upcoming forum on COVID-19 Liability for Long-Term Care and Senior Care Providers. The trajectory of the COVID-19 pandemic created a perfect storm for long-term care litigation, investigations, and class actions. Long term care facilities from skilled nursing to senior care to assisted living are all experiencing a deluge of lawsuits and investigatory inquiries. This conference will provide industry and legal professionals with a state of the union on these lawsuits as well as an assessment of causes of action and defense preparation strategies.

Amy will host a session titled, “Anticipating Criminal Investigations of Long-Term Care and Senior Care Providers Relative to the COVID-19 Pandemic” which explores:

  • Assessing the Pennsylvania AG’s commencement of a criminal investigation of alleged criminal negligence in nursing homes relative to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Anticipating which other states may take similar actions and whether such activity will give rise to a coalition of State AGs
  • Circumstances in which state manslaughter statute may be invoked
  • Activities by LTC providers which may be the focus of federal COVID-19 investigations

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