Black Swans and Fallen Angels: Global Credit Markets and Credit Risk Analysis post-COVID-19

Webinar | June.10.2020 | 12pm - 1pm (Eastern Standard Time)

Webinar - Recording Available

Please join us for a conversation with international bankruptcy expert and NYU Stern Professor Emeritus Edward Altman, creator of the Altman Z-score, and Gabriele Sabato, co-founder and CEO of Wiserfunding and former Head of Risk Appetite Portfolio Decisioning at RBS.

Credit markets started showing signs of weakness toward the end of 2019. The black swan of COVID-19 then brought a 10+ year growth cycle to a screeching halt – and is rapidly exposing cracks in the system. Will credit ratings hold up or will the pandemic produce a flock of fallen angels? How long will the recession last? Our guests will address these and other questions during this 1-hour webinar. In addition, you will get a sneak peek at Wiserfunding’s proprietary technology that helps lenders, investors and other market participants assess corporate credit risk and reduce the cost of new customer acquisition.


Edward Altman Ed Altman
Max L. Heine Professor of Finance, Emeritus, NYU Stern and Co-Founder & Board Chairman
Gabriele Sabato Gabriele Sabato
Co-Founder & CEO
Raniero D’Aversa
Partner, Restructuring Practice Group Leader