Antitrust and Developing and Emerging Economies

Conference | November.01.2019 | 8:15am - 5:15pm (Eastern Standard Time)

NYU School of Law

Please join us at the Antitrust and Developing and Emerging Economies Conference on Friday, November 1st, hosted by Concurrences and the NYU School of Law, where Antitrust partner Amy Ray will be a panelist.

This year’s conference will highlight anti-cartel and corruption enforcement, with experts to present on compliance strategies to guard against both and to discuss their unique intersection, especially as exemplified in Brazil’s Petrobas incident. This program will also explore big data networks and their effect on economic development. Panels will examine the most recent concerns in clearing mergers that affect developing countries, including legislative developments in adding public interest factors to merger law and advice as to what the agencies will expect from the merging parties to address these concerns.

Amy will be presenting on “Data, Networks, and Platforms: What effects on economic development?” at 11:15 a.m. ET.