The Bond Buyer Webinar: The Puerto Rico Debt Crisis – An Update

Webinar | December.09.2015 | 12pm - 1pm (Eastern Standard Time)


The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is experiencing the most drastic fiscal crisis in the Commonwealth’s history. Please join Orrick and The Bond Buyer for an informative webinar that will focus on the key bankruptcy and other financial issues that have come into play as the financial markets look to solve Puerto Rico’s debt crisis.

Topics to be addressed during this webinar include:

  • Possible Default & Restructuring Negotiations
  • Priority of Commonwealth Debt
  • Clawback Litigation Issues
  • Proposed Chapter 9 Amendment
  • Other Legislative Developments, Including Possible Appointment of Financial Control Board
  • Pension/OPEB Underfunding and Possibility of “Grand Bargain” Solution for Pension Reform

Featured Presenters:

Lorraine S. McGowen, Partner, Restructuring, Orrick
Marc A. Levinson, Partner, Restructuring, Orrick
Kevin Roche, Partner, Public Finance, Orrick



  • Ristrutturazione
  • Contenzioso fallimentare
  • Ristrutturazione e insolvenza municipale
  • Energy & Infrastructure
  • Fusioni e acquisizioni
  • Finanza strutturata
  • Finanziamenti istruzione di secondo grado e prestiti agli studenti
  • Automotive Technology & Mobility