Gregory Morvillo is best known for his work shaping insider trading law. His victory before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in the landmark insider trading case United States v. Newman propelled him to being one of the most sought-after insider trading defense attorneys in the country.

He represented Anthony Chiasson in the criminal, appellate and regulatory actions in the above referenced case, all of which resulted in total exoneration. His work for Chiasson led Law360 to note that he “went toe-to-toe with hard-charging U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara to win a landmark Second Circuit decision … that raised the bar for prosecuting individuals who are one or more layers removed from sources of confidential information and overturned the conviction of his hedge fund manager client.”

In the wake of Newman, Greg has become immersed in insider trading and securities fraud cases. He has tried multiple insider trading/securities fraud cases to verdict over the past several years, and has taken on multiple appeals for clients in this ever-evolving area of the law. He also regularly advises public companies and privately-owned hedge funds on their compliance issues and methods to train/educate employees to avoid running afoul of the law. He has written and spoken on insider trading and corporate best practices dozens of times in the past few years.

Beyond his insider trading work, Greg has represented both individuals and corporations in dozens of federal and state court actions and in government investigations. He has litigated against United States Attorneys’ Offices across the country, the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., numerous regional offices of the Securities and Exchange Commission, the New York State Attorney General’s Office, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, the New York Stock Exchange, FINRA, and other government and self-regulatory organizations. He has also handled appeals in the Second, Third, Fourth, and Tenth Circuit Courts of Appeals. He routinely advises clients on criminal law, securities, regulatory, civil, administrative and corporate governance issues.

Greg has been consistently honored by being named to the International Who’s Who of Business Crime Defence Lawyers in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015. He has twice been named to InterContinental Finance Magazine’s Leading Lawyer 500 list, which rates the top 500 lawyers in the world today.

  • Prior Experience

    Partner, Morvillo LLP

    Counsel, Morvillo, Abramowitz

    Associate, Swidler Berlin Shereff Friedman

  • Engagements

    • Anthony Chiasson in criminal trial, appeal and SEC regulatory action.
    • Former SAC portfolio manager in an insider trading case in the Southern District of New York.
    • Former CEO of a Registered Investment Advisor in a $40,000,000 criminal securities fraud case.
    • Present and Former NHL players in civil suit against a former business manager.
    • Former Capital One employee in SEC insider trading trial and appeal.
    • Former registered investment adviser in SEC insider trading trial and appeal.
    • Political Intelligence firm in an SEC investigation.
    • Martha Stewart in criminal and SEC matters.
    • Maurice “Hank” Greenberg in criminal, New York Attorney General, and SEC litigations and investigations.
    • Former consultant to NBA Players Association in obstruction of justice criminal case and related FINRA action.
    • Former consultant for McKinsey & Co in criminal and SEC matters related to insider trading allegations.
    • Large publicly held Oil Company in internal investigation for negligence and damages resulting from alleged oil spill.
    • Merrill Lynch in multiple internal investigations.
    • Broker dealer in SEC investigation stemming from allegations of churning client accounts.
    • Fund of funds in New York Attorney General, Department of Labor and various civil litigations stemming from Madoff matter.
    Significant Litigation Achievements
    • Prevailed in Second Circuit in United States v. Newman.
    • Prevented SEC from charging a Political Intelligence firm in market manipulation and insider trading investigation.
    • Prevented SEC from charging Private Equity Investment Group in market manipulation matter.
    • Defeated SEC in trial stemming from New York Specialists litigation.
    • Obtained Nolle prosequi from Southern District of New York on criminal charges filed against one New York Specialist.
    • Prevented federal criminal prosecution of attorney investigated for tax evasion in 3 year grand jury investigation.
    • Defeated Second Department’s Disciplinary Committee of motion for summary judgment and won dismissal of action in matter involving lawyer the Committee sought to bar from practice due to allegations of fraud in a previous career.