Wayne Hofer is a Senior Associate in the Complex Litigation and Dispute Resolution Team.

Wayne is a commercial litigator with experience in financial services, insurance and insolvency. Wayne has often acted for major financial institutions and professional services firms. He was admitted in New Zealand in 2009, and practiced there until 2015 and has recently moved to the United Kingdom.

  • Wayne's experience includes:

    Re Bridgecorp Limited (In Receivership and In Liquidation) acted for PricewaterhouseCoopers as the receivers of the Bridgecorp group:

    • As lead associate against the former directors of Bridgecorp for breach of their directors’ duties.
    • As lead associate against Bridgecorp’s insurers, and Bridgecorp’s insurance broker’s insurer seeking cover under the various insurance policies.
    • As part of a team in a high profile case against the former directors of Bridgecorp in relation to the directors’ entitlement to defence costs under the Directors & Officers Liability policy.

    Re Nathans Finance NZ Limited (In Receivership): Acted as part of a team in the receivers’ and former directors’ claim against the insurers of Nathans’ former directors under Directors & Officers Liability policies.

    Acted for ANZ National Bank Limited (as it was then) in relation to claims for internal bank documents made by the liquidators of the Cedenco Food group of companies.

    Acted for a fund in relation to a breach of warranty claim where the forecasts relied upon by the fund before subscription were erroneous.