Orrick Analytics
Applying innovative tools to
litigation and transactions

Orrick Analytics

Orrick Analytics is a team of lawyers, statisticians and other professionals that uses state-of-the-art technology and probability modeling in data and document-heavy engagements.

The type of work ranges from massive document reviews in litigation to large-scale contract reviews and other due diligence.

The Analytics team’s mission is straightforward: enhance speed and accuracy of document review; generate insights specific to the engagement; and reduce our clients’ costs.

Our Analytics team operates from our Global Operations & Innovation Center in West Virginia. Unlike Legal Process Outsourcers (LPOs), our in-house team model offers the benefits of full integration with the litigation and transactional lawyers leading the engagement. Working together on a regular basis ensures that the culling of data from documents is performed with the utmost care, and the purpose of the review always remains at the forefront.

Our sophisticated search and technology strategies result in measurable client savings. In the litigation context, culling data reduces the volume of documents to be reviewed by attorneys by an average of 96.7 percent. This saves our clients an average of $58,000 per matter. Equivalent savings are reflected in our transactional work. Applying our analytics tools to a recent due diligence review for a major software company that was contemplating an acquisition reduced lawyer time on the engagement by 60 percent.

We complete hundreds of litigation-related projects every year, including document productions, deposition preparation, matter chronologies and damage analyses. In addition to conducting document review, our Analytics lawyers are experienced in managing Technology Assisted Review (TAR) workflows.

In the transactional context, we support due diligence reviews for mergers and acquisitions and private equity transactions, portfolio acquisitions, compliance projects, and real estate transactions. We also use our analytics model in connection with asset valuations, consumer mortgage loan assessments and contract analyses.

  • A Record of Success

    Specific recent highlights include:

    • In a DOJ Second Request for an industry leader, we culled data by 88 percent, saving our client $2.5 million in document review costs.
    • We reviewed over 700 documents for a renewable energy company engaged in an acquisition for almost half the cost of a traditional diligence review.
    • We analyzed more than 5,000 personnel records for a Fortune 100 retailer to assess potential damages in a wage-and-hour class action case alleging more than $500 million in damages.
    • We built a matrix report for a leading financial services group to assess risk in hundreds of loan documents.
    • We created a search using English and Japanese search terms and auto-generated translations in preparation of a privilege log for a large corporation.
    • We assisted a major financial institution in deciding whether to include more than 800 properties in a real estate investment trust by reviewing deeds, purchase and sale agreements, and title insurance documents.
    • We found key provisions in complex credit agreements for an international bank in connection with a due diligence request.

Client Results