Orrick CaseStream

Orrick CaseStream helps us manage every case effectively and efficiently.

It’s one way we bring innovation to the litigation process. And it allows our lawyers to focus their efforts on digging into the complex legal issues our clients hire us to solve. When a client opens a matter, we enter it in the system, designate a project assistant and the process begins. We typically have 600 cases, from high-stakes employment disputes and appeals to IP challenges, open in the system.

We developed this unique system based on extensive feedback from our in-house litigation colleagues and our litigation teams. It is designed to deliver:

  • Efficient file maintenance, including instant uploading of files
  • Uniform organization and automatic distribution to the case team
  • "At a glance" document access
  • Comprehensive case workflow planning and monitoring
  • Access to standard forms and other resources
  • The ability to staff complex cases with the best talent, regardless of office location, and to field global teams for complex cross-border disputes
  • Seamless collaboration among the in-house team, co-counsel and our clients

The Orrick CaseStream service is led by our dedicated Global Head of Practice Innovation Kate Orr. A veteran of many trial teams, former judicial clerk, and former adjunct professor of legal writing and oral advocacy, Kate brings deep experience with litigation workflow and litigation team needs. She regularly meets with our clients to help them use the system, and also has been called on by in-house teams to consult on their internal workflows.

The Technology

Our Orrick CaseStream technology platform was built specifically for the litigation process. It includes file storage, collaboration tools and secure remote access.

File Maintenance

Each litigation matter is assigned a project assistant based in our Global Operations & Innovation Center to maintain the electronic matter file, including organizing filings, key documents, research and more. This takes the burden off higher-cost resources and ensures our team and our client have all docket filings at their fingertips throughout the life of the case and at its conclusion.


Orrick CaseStream also provides a tool for litigation workflow planning. Utilizing Orrick CaseStream templates, our case team assigns the best resource to complete each task as efficiently as possible and monitors progress and deadlines. The workflows also identify best practices, templates, model forms libraries and other resources to ensure we don’t reinvent the wheel. Orrick CaseStream also fully integrates the document review workflow and deliverables of the Orrick Analytics team.