Answers to Your Questions About Interviewing with Orrick

What does the selection process consist of and when should I expect to hear back about interviews?

The selection process will generally consist of interviews and/or exercise involving both technical questions on points of law and non-technical questions to get to know you. We also aim to test your oral and written language skills, where necessary.

Applications will be considered on a first-come-first-served basis by the deadlines and we aim to respond to all selected applicants about one week before the assessment.

What should I expect during my time at the firm, and who will guide me through the process?

Just be yourself, and the right firm will offer you the training you need to become a successful lawyer.

At Orrick, trainees rotate through different practice groups such as mergers & acquisitions, private equity, project finance, capital markets and litigation, where they receive hands-on experience about each area of law.

We also run a mentor program where trainees and interns are paired with an associate who can be an extremely useful resource if you have any questions about a specific project or if you just want friendly advice and career guidance.

Do I have what it takes to secure a traineeship at a top firm?

Different firms will have different requirements but, in general, firms want candidates who meet the basic requirements, such as having the requisite educational qualifications and language skills.

At Orrick, we like to see candidates with strong academic records and proficiency in English and a second language, ideally Chinese. We also believe that what really makes a candidate distinctive is the candidate’s ability to work in a team environment, think critically through different situations and ask the right questions to demonstrate the ability and eagerness to learn.

How will I know whether or not your firm is the right choice for me?

At Orrick, we truly believe that our people are our greatest asset. Orrick lawyers are committed to delivering the highest quality of service to our clients and are well-rounded individuals. The people you will work with is one of the differentiating factors when deciding among firms, and the people, work environment and culture at Orrick will provide an enriching experience, both professionally and personally.

Orrick has received numerous awards as a firm with a continuous commitment to diversity, and we are often recognized as a leader in community service and pro bono work to help those in need.