The EU AI Act Essentials Series: Key Takeaways for Companies Using and Developing AI

The European Union’s Artificial Intelligence Act (AI Act) has been adopted and will be taking effect this year, with the bulk of its provisions being enforceable after two years, subject to some notable exceptions.

Our EU AI Act Essentials Series provides key information for affected companies, including recommendations to kick off a compliance plan. This Series will be updated as developments occur.

The EU AI Act: Who Is Covered?

 5 minute read | April.09.2024

The EU AI Act: Who Is Covered?The AI Act covers a wide range of actors in the AI value chain, namely in the development, use and commercialization of AI systems and general-purpose AI models. This update covers the broad material and territorial scope of application and details the main categories of actors that are impacted.

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If you have questions about the EU AI Act, please reach out to Julia Apostle, Christian Schröder or another member of our Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning practice.