Asset Recovery for Corporate Crime Victims


Orrick attorneys have a long history of acting as victim advocates, both in government service as criminal prosecutors, and in private practice.  This experience has proved invaluable in Orrick’s representation of companies that are increasingly the victims of all types of crimes whether the perpetrator is an insider or a competitor. 

Companies fall victim to crimes such as:

  • Cybercrime including hacking, phishing and malware attacks;
  • Theft of trade secrets and other intellectual property crimes;
  • Illegal counterfeiting of merchandise;
  • Price-fixing in violation of antitrust laws;
  • Embezzlement and kickback schemes;
  • Insider trading; and
  • Fraudulent investment schemes like Ponzi scheme

The era of internet-based crime has brought two further challenges: the anonymity that the internet offers to perpetrators and the ability of perpetrator to commit these crimes while on a different continent.  These challenges make it even more important to choose a firm that has the global presence and technical sophistication to obtain compensation for its clients.  Orrick attorneys have substantial experience investigating potential problems and obtaining compensation for victims after a problem has surfaced. We have a record of successfully achieving justice for clients in a cost-effective way.