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  • 并购与私募股权
  • 资本市场
  • 中国业务

王璐 (Lu Echo Wang) 高级律师 并购与私募股权, 资本市场






  • 并购与私募股权
  • 公司
  • 中国业务

汪凡 (Fan Martha Wang) 律师 并购与私募股权, 公司







  • Employment Law & Litigation

Stephanie Gail Lee Senior Associate Employment Law & Litigation


Stephanie helps clients navigate the intricate and rapidly evolving world of employment litigation.

Clients feel at ease knowing that Stephanie will work tirelessly to guide them through wage-and-hour class and representative actions, as well as single-plaintiff litigation involving claims of whistleblower retaliation, fraudulent inducement and breach of contract. Companies, particularly those in employee-friendly states such as California, must contend with an ever-changing array of procedural tools and laws, and rely on Stephanie to serve as a trusted advisor. In addition to legal nuances, the high-profile matters Stephanie handles are further complicated by reputational risk. To deliver a clear path through these complexities, Stephanie works with her team to carefully and creatively balance each case’s dangers, opportunities and impact.

She has managed matters from start to finish and has litigated cases in federal and state courts, as well as before various administrative agencies. She also helps her clients avoid litigation by counseling on wage-and-hour compliance, terminations and severance agreements, non-compete and non-solicitation covenants and employee handbook provisions.



  • 公司
  • 并购与私募股权
  • 中国业务

徐杭博士 (Hang Xu) 外国顾问律师 公司, 并购与私募股权

杜塞尔多夫; 慕尼黑


徐律师拥有代表中国投资者在欧洲进行境外投资方面的丰富经验。此外,他尤为专注于德国和欧洲的对华投资(通过并购、企业合营和外商独资企业等方式)。在合并或收购后的整合事宜方面,徐律师亦拥有显著经验。徐律师与Wilhelm Nolting-Hauff律师共同领导常驻德国的中国业务团队。




  • Renewable Energy
  • Infrastructure
  • Energy
  • Japan

Minako Wakabayashi Partner Renewable Energy, Infrastructure


Minako plays a vital role in the rise of Japan’s renewable energy market.

Minako has significant experience advising international and domestic sponsors and developers on complex and innovative projects. She was called upon by the Japanese government in structuring the renewable Feed-in-Tariff scheme in Japan and prepared the government’s model contracts for specific contracts (power purchase contract/interconnection contract), which are a key component of the Feed-in-Tariff scheme in Japan.

Backed by her experience in her prior career as a public prosecutor in Japan, she also serves as a member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Supervising Committee for Public Bidding (Tokyo-to Nyusatsu Kanshi Iinkai) which advocates public rights to the fairness and adequacy of the public bidding procedures of the government. Minako practiced at Orrick's New York office in 2004-2005.


  • Complex Litigation & Dispute Resolution
  • Patents
  • Copyright, Trademark & False Advertising
  • Intellectual Property
  • Antitrust & Competition
  • International Arbitration & Dispute Resolution
  • Mass Torts & Product Liability
  • Employment Law & Litigation
  • Japan

Shinsuke Yakura Partner Complex Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Patents


Shinsuke Yakura is the Office Leader of Orrick's Tokyo office and a member of the Complex Litigation and Dispute Resolution Group. He has broad experience in handling cross-border litigation, arbitration, intellectual property and compliance matters.

His practice focuses on intellectual property, antitrust, product liability, medical and pharmaceutical, and other commercial disputes for both domestic and foreign companies. He actively engages in cross-border litigation and arbitration, and draws on his extensive knowledge and experience from various countries.

In regards to intellectual property, Shinsuke has represented numerous companies in patent infringement litigation involving a wide range of technologies related to electric devices and industrial machinery. He has also handled other IP-related issues such as trademark, copyright and right to publicity. He is a qualified patent attorney (Benrishi) in Japan.

Recently, he has been involved in business and legal issues related to artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and big data; he also acts as the Asia representative of Orrick’s Global AI Working Group.

Consistently providing strategic advice from a global perspective, he is also actively involved in bribery regulations including FCPA and UKBA, antitrust and competition law, cartel, fraud and compliance investigations.

He also advises in mergers and acquisitions, licensing and other transactional matters.

  • D: +852 2218 9168

何栢年 (David Halperin) 资深法律顾问


在就读法学院之前,何律师在1966至1970年间为美国海军服务,曾担任美国海军后备队的少校。他在1969至1970年间亦担任过美国驻越海军Admiral E.R. Zumwalt中校(其后担任美国海军作战部长)的特别助理。在1970至1971年间,何律师更担任美国总统国家安全事务助理Henry Kissinger博士的私人助理。毕业于法学院后,他在1974至1976年间任职于纽约的美国达维律师事务所,并在1976年加入美国高特兄弟律师事务所香港办事处,在1983年获升任为合伙人。何律师在2005年加入奥睿的香港办事处,现为本所的资深合伙人。