Due Diligence For Venture Philanthropy Fund to Benefit Nonprofit Serving Poor Families


A transactional team is representing Venture Philanthropy Partners, a nonprofit philanthropic investment organization that helps great leaders build strong, high-performing nonprofit institutions.  It concentrates money, expertise, and personal contacts to improve the lives and boost the opportunities of children and youth of low-income families. VPP has been highly acclaimed for its new and innovative approach to philanthropy.  VPP has raised a second venture philanthropy fund and is now considering an investment in Hillside Work Scholarship, a nonprofit organization working to provide more than 120 services to children and families at more than 40 locations across Western and Central New York and in Prince George’s County, Maryland.  Before investing in the organization, Orrick is providing VPP with assistance to help lead a due diligence review of the organization, including a memo that summarizes the scope of the review, results of the review, and any recommendations and risk to be considered, and includes an on-site trip to the client’s headquarters. 

The team consists of New York senior corporate associate Tal Hacohen, New York corporate associate Joseph Nance and New York energy/infrastructure associate Genet Berhane.  Washington, D.C. structured finance counsel Dianne Stoddard, who successfully supervised Orrick’s representation of VPP last year on a different transaction, will consult the team as necessary.