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The Digital Health Rundown

As follow up to the digital health event last week, we decided to do a quick overview of the panel discussion and also provide the video of the event, for your viewing pleasure.

The discussion was filled with information regarding the current landscape of the health industry, reforms that are changing the way healthcare affects individuals and businesses, and the key issues as to what exactly is driving the change within this rapidly growing space. Throughout the discussions, the messaging was clear that adoption and changing behaviors of consumers are what will drive and continue to drive the increase in health startups and products.  Because the room was pre-dominantly filled with entrepreneurs who have existing companies in this particular space, the question that came about quite often was, what is the best business model for a health startup?  While there is never one right answer, HealthTap's CEO, Ron Gutman, believes that in order for a company to make it big, building the platform around the use case (problem you are solving) will be a more promising product.

There were lots of great takeaways from the event, watch the video below and see for yourself.