Antitrust & Competition Partner Discusses the Importance of ‘Big Data’

Law Technology News | October.01.2012

This article, about the escalating role that different kinds of data is playing in decision-making processes for large companies, quotes antitrust and competition partner Antony Kim.

"Organizations throughout the world - whether they are technology companies whose business models rely on the ability to collect, use, analyze and leverage data, or large multinationals with extensive supply chain and distribution networks - must confront the challenges associated with data privacy, digital security, and internet safety. This is our client base," said Kim.

Analytics "can be used to drive traffic to a company's web-site, drive e-commerce and advertising revenue, identify trends and patterns of consumer behavior, provide insights into medical and healthcare initiatives, not to mention the diverse array of public policy and educational concerns," he continued.

"Our clients care about the contractual, legal and regulatory issues that apply to the collection, storage, use, transfer and analysis of these large data sets because data is the relevant currency for our digital world, and reputational and commercial successes hinge on managing data proactively from start to finish."