Orrick Labs

How are we addressing innovation and value? This is a question our clients ask us all the time. One part of the solution is technology. We launched Orrick Labs to accelerate the development of customized technology solutions. Our dedicated in-house team of technologists is focused on creating leading-edge, innovative legal service solutions to enhance quality, security and efficiency. The Orrick Labs team partners with our lawyers to develop solutions that reflect a real understanding of clients’ needs and how lawyers practice today.

Orrick Labs looks at opportunities to be more efficient, improve quality and reduce human error, such as document categorization, drafting, transaction automation, contract review and complex legal queries. The team exploits cloud-based technology for better and more secure collaboration and Artificial Intelligence-based features.

Led by Jackson Ratcliffe, our team members have designed and implemented innovative technology solutions for law firms and financial services companies for over three decades. They have experience in system and security design and architecture, systems integration and management, software engineering, development and programming.

Orrick Labs is one part of the firm’s approach to transform the delivery of legal services. We combine Orrick Labs’ innovation technology solutions with the right staffing and project management to deliver value to our clients.