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  • Past Event
  • February.15.2018
  • San Francisco - Panel Event

New & Noteworthy - Meet the Fund!

Heartland Ventures

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The Midwest has historically fallen below the radar for Bay Area startups and VCs. Enter Heartland Ventures—a Midwestern-based venture capital firm that co-invests alongside the top VCs and micro VCs to add immediate value to high-growth coastal startups. Is your innovative, technology solution armed and able to disrupt traditional Midwestern industries? If so, join us for a panel discussion and meet the Heartland team!

Agenda & Topics

  • An introduction to the fund and investment team
  • How South Bend’s government connects high-growth startups with their network and resources
  • Finding product-market fit in the Heartland
  • Finding the right partners
  • Creating value and expanding into the Midwest
  • Open Q&A


Please contact Ally Auth
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