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Practice: Securities Litigation & Regulatory Enforcement

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 NamePositionOfficeContact Information  
William F. Alderman William F. Alderman Partner San Francisco (415) 773-5944
Kevin M. Askew Kevin M. Askew Senior Associate Los Angeles (213) 612-2477
Justin Bagdady Justin Bagdady Managing Associate Washington, D.C. (202) 339-8602
Kristen Bartlett Kristen Bartlett Associate Silicon Valley (650) 614-7325
Lily Becker Lily Becker Senior Associate San Francisco (415) 773-4216
Penelope A. Graboys Blair Penelope A. Graboys Blair Partner San Francisco (415) 773-5492
James E. Burns Jr. James E. Burns Jr. Senior Counsel San Francisco (415) 773-5935
Robert G Cohen Robert G Cohen Senior Counsel New York (212) 506-3720
Daniel J. Dunne Daniel J. Dunne Partner Seattle (206) 839-4395
William J. Foley Jr. William J. Foley Jr. Managing Associate New York (212) 506-5124
George E. Greer George E. Greer Partner Seattle (206) 839-4403
James Grohsgal James Grohsgal Managing Associate New York (212) 506-5264
Charles J. Ha Charles J. Ha Of Counsel Seattle (206) 839-4343
Jason M. Halper Jason M. Halper Partner New York (212) 506-5133
Kenneth Herzinger Kenneth Herzinger Partner San Francisco (415) 773-5409
Christin Joy Hill Christin Joy Hill Senior Associate San Francisco (415) 773-5455
David Keenan David Keenan Managing Associate Seattle (206) 839-4368
Stephen M. Knaster Stephen M. Knaster Of Counsel San Francisco (415) 773-5832
James N. Kramer James N. Kramer Partner San Francisco (415) 773-5923
Judy Kwan Judy Kwan Associate Los Angeles (213) 612-2496
Jennifer C. Lee Jennifer C. Lee Managing Associate San Francisco (415) 773-4137
Justyna Walukiewicz Lee Justyna Walukiewicz Lee Senior Associate San Francisco (415) 773-5877
Katherine L. Maco Katherine L. Maco Senior Associate New York (212) 506-5396
Richard A. Martin Richard A. Martin Partner New York (212) 506-5135
James A. Meyers James A. Meyers Partner Washington, D.C.
New York
(202) 339-8487
Jennifer Nejad Jennifer Nejad Managing Associate San Francisco (415) 773-4242
Blake L. Osborn Blake L. Osborn Associate Los Angeles (213) 612-2497
Suzette Pringle Suzette Pringle Associate San Francisco (415) 773-5817
Shireen Qaru Shireen Qaru Managing Associate San Francisco (415) 773-4143
Alison K. Roffi Alison K. Roffi Managing Associate New York (212) 506-5366
Amy M. Ross Amy M. Ross Partner San Francisco (415) 773-5723
Paul F. Rugani Paul F. Rugani Senior Associate Seattle (206) 839-4316
M. Todd Scott M. Todd Scott Senior Associate San Francisco (415) 773-5992
Anushila Shaw Anushila Shaw Managing Associate New York (212) 506-3554
Christine M. Smith Christine M. Smith Managing Associate San Francisco (415) 773-4241
Katie Lieberg Stowe Katie Lieberg Stowe Senior Associate San Francisco (415) 773-4222
Alex Talarides Alex Talarides Managing Associate San Francisco (415) 773-4254
James Thompson James Thompson Senior Associate San Francisco (415) 773-5939
Michael C. Tu Michael C. Tu Partner Los Angeles (213) 612-2433
Danielle P. Van Wert Danielle P. Van Wert Senior Associate Silicon Valley (650) 614-7487
Robert P. Varian Robert P. Varian Partner San Francisco (415) 773-5934
Alexis Yee-Garcia Alexis Yee-Garcia Associate San Francisco (415) 773-5941


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